About The Bloc

The Bloc is a creative force for great that builds healthy change.

We are scientists with creative flair and artists with a passion for science.

With deep roots in biopharma, we are inspired by the possibilities of innovation and technology as a means to connect with the healthcare continuum, ensuring access and empowering all.

We're living, breathing, and shaping the future, with disruptive thinking that drives the change clients are seeking. These qualities have made us one of the largest independent health and wellness agencies in the country. And one of the most awarded.

Our brand-building strategic and creative thinking covers a diverse range of audiences from HCPs to caregivers, and from patients to payers. And we have the capabilities of a global network, with over 500 staff in the US and across the world, in both key and developing markets.

We are The Bloc.

A group of people—and some dogs—committed to making a difference.



Ready to make a change in your life and the lives of others? Here are some of our current openings: