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Barbara Lepetri

medical & scientific services

Barbara leads a team of medical experts to drive scientific strategy innovation at The Bloc, grounding our creative community with best-in-class medical prowess. She brings an unparalleled, multidimensional perspective based on a unique blend of clinical practice, pharmaceutical, and agency experience.

A board-certified internist and cardiologist, Barbara practiced in the New York metro area, after which she spent 13 years at Pfizer, culminating in her position as leader of the Lipitor U.S. medical team. In this role, she led a team whose responsibilities included clinical trial design, execution, closeout and data release, regulatory filings, and support of commercial and payer activities.

In 2008, she moved to the agency side of the business. In addition to forming and evolving the medical function, she instituted enterprise-wide initiatives with a focus on training across the organization. It was during this time that she realized that while she is a self-professed data geek, she apparently does a pretty good job translating the science into strategies that can move a market.

When not dreaming about the best way to evolve the language or the disease model in support of her brands, Barbara can be found practicing the fine art of curbside shopping, on a lounge chair at the beach, or in the front row of any tri-state U2 concert.

Advice that changed my life:  Pick your battles.  My maid of honor gave me that advice when I had my kids.  Said another way:  Focus or prioritize what you spend your time on.