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Jennifer Matthews

president and managing partner

Jennifer is a dynamic leader with the vision to spearhead sea change initiatives and bring them to reality. Jennifer joined The Bloc in 2007 and has led the transformation of the agency to a convergent branding model that integrates brand strategies and execution across customer segments and channels. Currently a managing partner, Jennifer was initially in charge of the development of The Bloc’s relationship marketing and digital practices for both consumer and professional targets—working with Johnson & Johnson/Vistakon, UCB, Novartis Vaccines, Novartis Oncology, Medicis, Abraxis, Celgene, and Astellas.

Before joining The Bloc, Jennifer was responsible for the consumer healthcare group at Wunderman/Y&R, heading the team that created award-winning integrated marketing programs for AstraZeneca (oncology), Pfizer (smoking cessation, allergy, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, depression), Shire (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder), and Weight Watchers. Prior to focusing on healthcare, Jennifer was responsible for several of Y&R’s largest integrated consumer accounts, including AT&T, Showtime Networks, and American Express.

A person who changed my life: My Irish immigrant grandmother. She left her family and boarded a boat to America with a single suitcase.  She worked as a governess, married, and raised 5 children in the Bronx.  All 5 attended college and achieved success.  She was the most courageous person I’ve known, and she taught me that anything is possible.