Caregivers Speak Up


More than 10% of American adults are caregivers for an ill or elderly relative or friend. They are the unsung, unpaid heroes of healthcare, without a forum or a voice of their own. That had to change. The challenge: to build a community among a disparate, unrelated, geographically far-flung group of people—the caregivers who give of themselves but are silent about their own feelings and needs.


Caregivers Speak Up is a social platform created for caregivers to share their hopes and challenges. On, people express themselves through short films, stories, and pictures. On Facebook, caregivers discover others like themselves. And at live Meetups, they find a safe place among friends. Caregivers Speak Up has reached over 3 million people to date. The once silent caregiver has changed, has found a voice, and has become part of a vibrant, connected community.