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Germany – Serviceplan

Serviceplan Health & Life is Germany‘s most-awarded full-service healthcare agency. For 20 years, we have worked successfully for major healthcare companies and brands globally and locally.

Our mission is “building best brands” in healthcare communication. This means building and coaching profitable healthcare brands that sustainably contribute to a healthy society. We believe that a brand has to be trustworthy and relevant in order to qualify as a “best brand” in people’s lives. Demands on communication practices have increased dramatically—we meet these challenges by uniting creative, medical, and digital communication expertise.

Creativity is our strength and our core value. For our clients, we conquer this dynamic environment with innovative communicative practice and utilize our creativity to achieve measurable results with great efficiency.

Integration is our DNA. For whatever current or future challenges the healthcare market may throw our way, we offer integrated marketing and communication teams who are dedicated to working together to find answers to the questions our customers ask—top creative experts under one roof.